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Filter Accessories

Filter Accessories
Filter Accessories
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Product Description

Suction strainer: Suction strainers protect pumps and prevent blockages inside the pump and keep solids and debris out of pipe systems. Available sizes are 1” and 1.5”.

Coupling nozel: These Coupling Nozzles are designed for easy attachment of hoses with pump.available sizes are ¾” and 1” .

Priming chamber: Centrifugal pumps may require a priming chamber for lifting liquid from below the pump. Once the priming chamber is filled, the priming chamber retains a volume of liquid.. When the pump starts , it pumps the entrapped liquid out of the priming chamber, creating a vacuum in its place. Atmospheric pressure then forces liquid from the tank. Available sizes are : 20 ltrs. 30ltrs and 50 ltrs.

Pressure gauge: stainless steel pressure gauge is available in a wide range to measure and display pressure in filter chamber.

PP Gauge saver: PP Gauge saver is designed for use with pressure gauge to save pressure gauge from aggressive chemicals by avoiding direct contact between gauge and chemical.

PP Air release valve: PP Air release valve is used  as an air release mechanism on a filter chamber. it allows excess air present in filter  to escape.


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