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Filteration Systems

For Filtration & Purification of Processing Chemicals, Metal filnishing, Electroplating, Bore Well water, Dyes & Intermediates, Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Coolants, Food & beverages, Cleaning, RO Pre filtration, Water Treatment.

Salient Features:
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Bypass sealing arrangement
  • Variety of sizes availability
  • Standard design and maxmum part interchangebility
  • Accommodates 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″, 50” & 60” long filter cartridges.
  • Quick opening tri clovers design
  • Easy to operate Flanged or quick-connect coupling at filter inlet & outlet
  • Flow rate up to 25000ltr./hr & More
  • Customized design available
  • Filter chambers  are permanently piped
  • With optional pressure gauge, gauge guard assembly and ventilation valve

Kems elelctroplating filters combine design simplicity with high filtering quality These filteration syststem  are designed for use in filtering process solutions, where clarification of the solution will extend their life and improve the quality of the work produced. They are also ideal for the transfer pumping, in-line filtration of bulk liquids drum filling, aerosol packaging and other operations. Kems elelctroplating filters offers wide range of flow capacities & contaminant holding capacities.

These filters are available in different models i.e.

  • Simple single stage recirculating filtration unit,
  • Duplex System with Parallel flow single Stage,
  • Duplex System with Serial Flow two Stage filtration unit and
  • Multifuntion filtration unit
Simple Single Stage Filter Unit
Simple Single Stage Filter Unit
These are simple single stage recirculation filtration unit. these filtration systems are designed for use in solid removal and filtering process solutions and widely acceptable in electroplating, metal finishing, anodizing, effluent treatment, food processing and cleaning etc.
Duplex System with Parallel Flow
Duplex System with Parallel Flow
These filters are suitable for those application where high flow of solution is required. By parallel filtration, the effective surface area of filtration can be increased to permit the use of high capacity pump or can achieve fine filtration.
Duplex System with Serial Flow
Duplex System with Serial Flow
These are two stage filtration unit and are suitable for those application where Fine filtration of solution is required. A very fine filtration can be achieved by using a suitable two stage combination of filter plates and cartridges i.e. plates+cartridge, plates +plates , cartridges + cartridges.
Multi-Function Filter Unit
Multi-Function Filter Unit
For solid removal, carbon absorption and trap filtration. Add only one carbon chamber for organic impurity removal. carbon chamber and slurry tank can be provided in various sizes and capacities to suit the selected filter.These filter unit are suitable for use with Three method of carbon purification- a: powder carbon pre-coat with filter aid, b:powder carbon impregnated in plate-media c: granule carbon in separate chamber.

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